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Pet Care

We, in the Woodstock Vt area, love our animals. We have large and small animal veterinarians. Vets who also offer pet boarding. Our local Humane Society and an organization who can help lower your cost of spaying or neutering your pet. These organizations have some wonderful events and are a great place to volunteer!

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Kedron Valley Veterinary Clinic

Address: 1205 West Woodstock Road, Woodstock, VT 05091
Phone: 802-457-3135 Fax: 802-457-1264
Kedron Valley Veterinary Clinic is a full service companion animal veterinary clinic located in Woodstock Vermont. We offer small animal medical surgical dental & laboratory services. We provide the highest quality veterinary care to our patients in a c » More Info

Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society

Address: 4832 Route 44, Brownsville, VT 05037
Phone: (802) 484-5829 Fax: (802) 484-7800

Woodstock Animal Hospital

Address: 4 Route 4 West, Woodstock, VT 05091
Phone: (802) 457-4545 Fax: (802) 457-2642
Woodstock Animal Care is located on Rte 4 West in front of the cemetery. We offer a full array of services for dogs and cats as well as other small pets. We love what we do and would be happy to show you around our facility. » More Info