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Village of Woodstock Vermont

Economic Development Commission

Established in December 2015, the Economic Development Commission (EDC) is an organization that champions the planning and implementation of sustainable economic development for the town of Woodstock, Vermont. Funded by the 1% Local Option Tax on rooms, meals, and alcohol, the EDC builds on Woodstock’s own strengths, leveraging its distinct environment, character, and culture to benefit its residents, business owners, and visitors. Over the next decade, this focus is meant to propel Woodstock’s evolution as a thriving destination for businesses and families.

Woodstock Vermont


Increase the number of visitors to Woodstock

Develop a more permanent relationship with visitors to help grow and diversify Woodstock’s residential population


Develop a new website for Woodstock in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce

Implement a year-long PR campaign to attract potential visitors, residents, and business owners

Explore options to increase internet connection speeds for the Woodstock area

Fund a range of grants to local businesses, organizations, projects, and initiatives (approximately $176,000 in grants allocated to date)

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2018 EDC Funding

The EDC is responsible for managing the Community and Economic Development Fund. Since 2015, the 1% Local Option Tax on rooms, meals, and alcohol has contributed approximately $570,000 to the fund. In its first year, the EDC received just over $230,000. In its second year, that amount increased to $253,000, representing a 9.8% increase and indicating a healthy, strong tourism economy. After allocating funds to grants and commitments, this leaves the EDC with an unencumbered balance of $395,000.

2018 EDC Structure

Nine volunteer commissioners have governed the EDC since its inception in 2015.. In 2018, the EDC structure will include a paid, part-time EDC coordinator, managed by the EDC commission. Additionally, four key subcommittees, comprised of EDC commissioners and Woodstock residents, including Promotion, Economic Resources, Civic Beautification and Recreation Assets.