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Heart in snow

From The Blog Classic Valentine’s Day gifts with a Woodstock twist

Whether coupled up or single with no intention to mingle, you’re going to love this

Cupid’s calling. And he’s got the Valentine’s Day gift inspiration you’ve been looking for, right here in Woodstock, VT…

Heart bowls by Laura White Pottery
Bowls made from the heart by Laura White Pottery

Sweets for the sweet & a dish to make it complete

Gimmie some sugar – with a side of CBD? At the Woodstock Farmers’ Market, you’ll find an array of sweet treats infused with the non-psychoactive oil known for its relaxative properties – plus plenty of fresh-baked goodies behind the counter and Vermont-made candies that are CBD-free!

Then before you hit the checkout counter, snag a heart-shaped bowl hand-made by local potter, Laura White, for the perfect home for your confectionary finds.

Snuggle-worthy loungewear

If cuddling is your love language, gift your partner (or treat yourself) with a hug made of flannel, compliments of The Vermont Flannel Company’s luxurious robe – or channel the flannel via blankets, shirts, pants, pajamas, and much more.

  • For other clothes that are both cozy and fashion-forward, visit 37 Central Clothiers, Sudie’s Clothing Boutique, Phlox, Elevation, and Footprints.
Vermont Flannel Company in winter snow
When it's cold outside, the cozy interior of The Vermont Flannel Co beckons
Flannel robe Vermont Flannel Co
The Vermont Flannel Company
Flannel hearts Vermont Flannel Co
The Vermont Flannel Company
Couple Vermont Flannel Co
The Vermont Flannel Company

Cards that show you care

What V-Day gift is complete without a card featuring a handwritten note or poem? If humor’s the way to your loved-one’s heart, then head to Unicorn. Pick the perfect card then peruse the shop for everything wacky and wondrous – from snarky socks to laser-cut wood model kits.

  • You can also turn to The Woodstock Pharmacy, Mac’s Woodstock Market, and a number of other local businesses to find the card that captures the way you feel.  
NT Ferro and Unicorn in snow winter
NT Ferro Jewelers and Unicorn, two magical shops in snow

Jewelry, because a little sparkle never goes out of style

Local hallmarks that make our community unique have been captured and preserved in gold with N.T. Ferro Jewelers stunning bracelet charms. Choose from a covered bridge, downhill skier, maple bucket, snowshoe – or gather them all to adorn the wrist of your Valentine.

Want a one-of-a-kind gift for your one-and-only? Ferro Jewelers offers custom pieces, as well as a selection of estate jewelry (from earrings to rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more) for rare, luxurious pieces plucked from the past.

  • For other accessories with some glitz and glam, stop by 37 Central Clothiers (featuring on-trend pieces), Sudie’s Clothing Boutique (for everything classically cool), Phlox (your destination for natural and beautiful ornaments), Unicorn (featuring ancient Roman glass items), and Danforth Pewter (for handmade metals).
NT Ferro Jewelers charm bracelet
NT Ferro Jewelers
Necklace from NT Ferro
NT Ferro Jewelers
Ring from NT Ferro Jewelers
NT Ferro Jewelers
Little Flower Shoppe flowers
The Little Flower Shoppe

Bouquets that’ll make you bloom

This one will grow on you. Because a stunning arrangement of fresh, fragrant flowers is sure to brighten up your February – whether they’re intended for that special someone or your other soulmate, yourself!

Call The Little Flower Shoppe, set right in Woodstock village, for flowers right out of a fairytale.