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Village Walks through Woodstock, VT

From The Blog Found Treasures: Antiquing Around Woodstock

Found Treasures: Antiquing Around Woodstock

Step inside our local antique shops and discover all kinds of wonders that have stories to tell. Well-worn wooden benches that once sat in a local potter’s workshop, a velour chair that makes you feel like royalty, a cast iron pan used for cooking a family favorite every Friday evening… Furniture, home goods, books, toys, and so much more are no longer hidden – they’re found treasures in nearby antique shops!

Antique Shops in Woodstock,VT

In The Village 

-    Step inside Wigren Barlow Art & Antiques to find that showcase piece with the perfect amount of patina for your home. Historic lighting, art, furniture, and accent pieces are waiting for new use! 29 Pleasant St, Woodstock VT

-    One door over you'll find Eric Nesbitt Art & Antiques showcasing unique and highly coveted furniture, accent pieces, and folk art. Most pieces are sourced locally and carry a great history with them! 33 Pleasant St, Woodstock VT

-    For the bibliophile, you'll want to spend a day scouring Pleasant Street Books for rare and antique writings. Here, the shelves are lined with used, historic, and sought-after texts. 48 Pleasant St, Woodstock VT

Antique Mall in Quechee

Beyond the Village

-    For more than your share of options, head to the Vermont Antique Mall in Quechee. Variety is the only way to describe what you'll find in the large plaza with stalls dedicated to antique toys, fine pottery and dishware, vintage jewelry, and so much more.  5573 Woodstock Rd, Quechee, VT

-    For the finest vintage pieces, make the trip to Antiques Collaborative. You'll discover high end furniture, artifact-like collector's items, and beautiful furnishings such as rugs and paintings. 6931 Woodstock Rd, Quechee, VT

-    Eclectic, fun, and things aplenty is what you'll see inside this Hillbilly Roadside Shop! Though you'll probably discover dishware, vintage signs, furniture, mirrors, and collectibles, this is one of those places that you never know what you're going to find. 7289 US-4, Bridgewater, VT