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Woodstock Vermont Ice Scoop Stop

From The Blog Ice-Cream Stops in Woodstock, VT

Cone or cup, hard or soft serve, sprinkled or dipped, there's no wrong way to enjoy the sweet summertime treat!


We are here to answer your ice-cream questions like "can I walk there from here?", "do they serve hard serve or creemees?", and... "what even is a creemee??" We'll start with the latter. Simply put, a creemee is soft serve ice cream to a Vermonter. But we know how to make it even better. Using local cream, creemees typically have a higher butterfat content, making them creamier than your run-of-the-mill soft serve. And famously, a Vermont creemee stand is not complete without the fan favorite, all-natural flavor, maple! Read on to find out where in Woodstock, Vermont to find this delicious ice cream icon and even more flavors you'll fall in love with. 

Maple Creemee
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Walking Start

You can get there from here! There are a number of ice cream counters that you can walk to in downtown Woodstock. Let’s start with the obvious:

Woodstock Scoops! Right on the corner of Central Street, you can get your first taste of a maple creemee and even top it with maple crumbles if you want to really feel the flavor of Vermont.

Hard Serve, Creemees, Non-Dairy Flavors

A bit of a longer stroll down Elm Street will bring you to Billings Farm & Museum. Worth the visit for the Jersey cows and beautiful gardens, you’ll also want to stop for Vermont-made ice cream at the Farmhouse Scoop Shop. Taste rotating summer flavors like strawberry-rhubarb or try a famous maple sundae. Admission to Billings Farm is required for access to the Farmhouse Café. 

Hard Serve

Mountain Creamery Ice Cream
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Hit The Road

First stop on your way west on Rt 4 is the White Cottage. Infamous, classic, and a favorite spot with riverside outdoor seating since 1957. Alongside the ice cream window, they serve up your favorite summer snack bar foods like fried clams and lobster rolls. They keep it traditional, cash only, but there is an ATM onsite.

Hard Serve, Creemees, Frozen Yogurt

Continue west and you'll happen upon the Mountain Creamery. This breakfast and lunch spot is a local favorite with homegrown ingredients to boot. Seriously, we aren't sure why Guy Fieri (of Diners, Drive-In & Dives) hasn't stopped by yet! The produce and meat aren't the only things that come from their own farm, the ice cream is also homemade, and you can taste the creamy difference.

Hard Serve

Next Up: Take a drive down Route 12 North and you’ll find the funky Abracadabra Coffee Co. Known for their stellar brews, they also serve up classic creemees in the summer. Open Wednesday-Sunday.

Creemees, Vegan Soft-Serve

Now, we're ready to head out toward beautiful Barnard to Silver Lake Syrups. A real Vermont sugarhouse twirling maple creemees on the weekends. No daytrip to Silver Lake State Park is complete without one of these sweet treats featuring their own pure Vermont maple syrup.