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Sugar House

From The Blog March in Woodstock

Get Ready For Maple Madness

As the curtain of winter begins to lift, Woodstock, Vermont ushers in March with the promise of renewal and celebration. This is a month where the timeless VT tradition of maple sugaring and the gradual introduction of early spring flavors come together to create a truly savorable experience. As the snow melts from our streets, the snow-capped mountains in the distance are a reminder that spring skiing is just around the corner. This month, we invite you to experience the unique blend of late winter joy and the anticipation of spring's arrival.

Maple Madness!

The Vermont Spring Maple Open House Weekend stands as one of the month's highlights, eagerly awaited by many. It's a festive time to honor this year's harvest of maple syrup, affectionately known as "liquid gold", and introduce more visitors to the sap that has contributed so much to the Vermont quilt! Indulge in a variety of activities and treats: pancake breakfasts drenched in fresh syrup, sugar-on-snow, tours of the sugar bush and sugarhouses, and of course, tastings of maple syrup and other maple-infused delicacies. Have you ever sampled maple beer, maple hard cider, or wings slathered in maple BBQ sauce? Believe it or not, you can mix maple with more than you think! Check out our local maple makers at Billings Farm or Sugarbush Farm for more information.

Shelves of Maple Syrup
Bourdon Maple Farm
Tapping Maple Trees

Last Call for Winter Sports

March typically offers the final flurries for the year; if you're not ready to say goodbye to winter adventures make sure to plan your visit soon! While the snow has mostly melted in the streets, the snowcapped mountains remind us that spring skiing is here, and it's one of our favorite times of the year! Spend a day enjoying the sun and higher temps with a family-friendly day on the slopes at Saskadena Six Ski Area

The trails around Woodstock VT also offer pristine conditions for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, providing a serene way to explore the natural beauty of our landscape! Don’t be deceived - a hiking trail can turn snow-covered quickly once you gain elevation, so be sure you pack the right gear or visit the Nordic Center before your adventure begins. 

Spring Nordic Skiing
Mt. Peg on a beautiful spring day
Jennifer Schmitdke

A Glimpse of Spring & What it Brings! 

As the days grow longer and the temperatures tease with the warmth to come, the frozen lakes and rivers start to thaw, and the first green shoots emerge from the earth. This time of year, often towards the end of March, is a time that most Vermonters dream of all winter long. It’s as if the first signs of warmth and sunshine demand cyclists, runners, and hikers alike to emerge from their winter hibernation. You’ll find fishermen and women from our community flock to streams and ponds as the ice recedes. If the winter was mild, foragers tour our forests looking for the first ramps or fiddleheads of the season by the end of March. It's an ideal time for leisurely walks through the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, or the Vermont Institute of Natural Science gardens, where the history of conservation and the beauty of nature intertwine.

Farmhouse Pottery
Farmhouse Pottery

Local Flavors and Finds

Downtown Woodstock, VT shifts with the season as our local shops and restaurants refresh their offerings. Indulge in the culinary delights of our farm-to-table eateries, like Cloudland Farm, where chefs incorporate the sweet touch of maple into their dishes. Our boutiques and galleries display the work of local artisans, offering unique treasures and art inspired by the season. All you have to do is take a stroll downtown to find some of our favorite eateries and local stores to help you tie together the perfect spring weekend in Woodstock. Of course, it can still be quite chilly in March, so don’t forget that Vermont Flannel Co. and other neighbors are ready to keep you toasty should the late winter wind howl!

Your March Escape Awaits

Woodstock, VT in March is a reminder of nature's cycles, of the sweetness that comes from regrowth, and of the beauty in transition. We look forward to sharing our town with you during this special time, offering a blend of relaxation, adventure, and the simple pleasures of Vermont life.

As you plan your visit, remember that each day brings something new in March—the final snowfall, the first Robin song, or the perfect pancake drizzled with fresh syrup. Let Woodstock, Vermont be your backdrop for discovery and delight this month.