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From The Blog Sip the season: Worthy Rum Punch recipe

Add, shake, enjoy

Blue skies, sunshine, and a bright, colorful landscape of new blooms are inspiring us to create a cool, tasty cocktail with its own pops of fun, springy color!

Straight from Woodstock’s craft-beer and artisan-spirit haven serving up spectacular farm-diner food, Worthy Kitchen, comes a simple cocktail recipe you can try at home: Worthy Rum Punch.

Combining fresh, local fruit and just-squeezed juices with your favorite rums over ice, it’s the perfect drink to enjoy outdoors – compliments of Worthy’s head bartender, Jona Tuck.

Worthy Rum Punch
Worthy Kitchen
Worthy Rum Punch

Worthy Rum Punch Recipe Instructions:

1. Fill a 16 oz mixing glass with ice.

2. Add: 1 oz light rum

        1 oz dark rum

        2 oz fresh O.J.

        2 oz pineapple juice

        1 dash of Fee Bros. bitters (original flavor)

        1 dash grenadine.

3. Shake well and strain into a 12 oz cocktail glass over ice.

4. Garnish with a wedge of lime and a lemon wheel.

about Worthy Kitchen:

Local food, beverages, and people converge at this fun, welcoming location just outside Woodstock's downtown. Sit outside on the sun-drenched patio or gather with friends inside for expertly mixed drinks, farm-raised, locally-grown fare, and all the craft beer you could ask for.

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