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Fat Tire Biking

From The Blog Fat Tire Biking Uncovered

Fat tire biking is a relatively newer sport that has taken cold weather areas of the country by storm as a winter sport, but it’s not just for the colder months.

You might have seen these bikes on the local trails or roads. Equipped with wide tires between 4” and 5”, fat tire bikes make an impression (most mountain bike tires are in the 2” range).  Unlike a regular mountain bike, the low tire pressure allows them to float on surfaces, like snow, where a normal bike would sink. 

Interested in trying it? Be prepared for a challenging workout. According to an article from, you can burn up to 1500 calories an hour doing it, and it will test both your balance and core strength.

While the sport is a game changer for avid cyclists, who can now get their workout in outdoors rather than being stuck on a stationary bike, it has also seen many converts from Nordic skiing, particularly here in New England where good snow conditions aren't always guaranteed. If there isn’t enough snow for cross-country skiing, it will still be excellent conditions for a fat tire bike ride. Snow isn’t a requirement for fat biking. With the fat tire bike you can ride a wider range of terrain - from snow covered groomed trails to muddy river crossings or even paved roads.

So instead of hitting the bike at the gym to break a sweat, breathe in the fresh air and go for a scenic ride outdoors. Here in Woodstock, the Woodstock Inn’s Nordic Center offers fat tire biking on 25km of groomed trails on Mt. Peg. Open daily from Mid-December through April 1st. from 9 am - 4 pm. Fat Bike rentals are not available. Please bring your own bike. Weather Dependent.

Fat Tire Group Bike

Looking for a little motivation to get out and try it, check out how these Alaskan winter biker’s feel about the snow friendly sport at NBC New’s recent segment

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