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Paul Revere Bell at Woodstock Country Club

From The Blog Revere Bell Walking Tour

Tour the only town with 6 Revere bells!

Paul Revere may be first remembered for his role in the American Revolution, but it’s his work as a craftsman that reverberates through Woodstock’s village, long after his Midnight Ride.

That’s because Woodstock is the only town to possess six church bells manufactured in Paul Revere’s foundry. Four of those very bells are still in use today.

You’ll hear their peal as you cross Middle Covered Bridge, step into a shop, or even as you begin an ascent of Mt. Tom, ringing from Pleasant St at the Masonic Temple, the stately First Congregational Church on Elm St, the Saint James Episcopal Church within view of the village green, and the North Universalist Chapel just a bit farther down Church St.

So you can visit the churches that house these bells yourself and get a closer look at the two no longer in use, we’ve compiled a self-guided walking tour that’ll give any history buff a new perspective on a man who redefined the American landscape.

Read on for details on each location, then scroll to the bottom for a mapped tour with directions for a 15 minute walk through the village, followed by a brief drive to the Woodstock Country Club for the final bell!

Masonic Temple Woodstock, VT
Katie Berdan
Front entrance of the Masonic Temple
Masonic Temple Belltower
Katie Berdan
Masonic Temple Belltower

The 1828 Bell at the Masonic Temple:

June 23, 1828: Two years after the church was built (originally as a Christian Church, which would become the Masonic Temple in 1949), the 849 to 872 lb. bell (sources differ), lettered “Revere, Boston” was purchased by churchgoer Eliphalet Dunham. Still in use.

Address: 30 Pleasant St, Woodstock, VT 05091

First Congregational Church
Katie Berdan
The First Congregational Church on Elm St
Revere Bell First Congregational Church
Katie Berdan
The Revere Bell at the First Congregational Church

The 1818 Bell at the First Congregational Church:

June 2, 1818: Purchased for the First Congregational Church by member Willis Hall for less than $400, this is the oldest of all Revere bells in Woodstock. After an unrepairable crack appeared in 1974, the bell was retired and placed on display at the south entrance of the church on Elm St. Inscribed “Revere & Sons, Boston, 1818,” and weighing between 687 and 711 lbs. (sources differ). Not currently in use.

Address: 36 Elm St, Woodstock, VT 05091

Revere Bell Inn South Lawn
Woodstock Inn & Resort
Paul Revere Bell on the Woodstock Inn & Resort's South Lawn

Two Bells at the woodstock inn & resort:

The Woodstock Inn & Resort is fortunate enough to possess two Revere bells; one displayed on the south lawn of the main building, the other overlooking the Woodstock Country Club’s putting green. Cast by the Boston Foundry for a Newburyport, MA church, the 1823 bell is the only Revere bell in Woodstock with a tenure out-of-state. After it was purchased by Laurance Rockefeller in the 1960s, this 1,463 lb. bell has remained with the inn for nearly six decades. You won’t hear this bell ring its key of G; it’s not currently in use.


  • Woodstock Inn & Resort: 14 The Green, Woodstock, VT 05091
  • Woodstock Country Club: 76 South St, Woodstock, VT 05091
Paul Revere Bell at Woodstock Country Club
Woodstock Inn & Resort
Paul Revere Bell at Woodstock Country Club
St. James Episcopal Church
Katie Berdan
St. James Episcopal Church as seen from the town green
St. James Episcopal Church Belltower
Katie Berdan
The belltower of St. James Episcopal Church

The 1827 Bell at St. James Episcopal Church:

October 1, 1827: The bell, cast by the elder son of Paul and inscribed “Revere, Boston,” was purchased by members Stearns and Blake a year after the original stone structure was completed. Weighing between 619 and 693 lbs. (sources differ), the bell has rung faithfully since its first use at the 1827 Christmas service. Still in use.

Address: 2 St James Pl, Woodstock, VT 05091

North Universalist Chapel
Katie Berdan
North Universalist Chapel
North Universalist Chapel Belltower
Katie Berdan
North Universalist Chapel Belltower

The Revere Copper Co. Bell at the NORTH Universalist ChAPEL:

Less is known about this bell than the others, but it was procured sometime after the church was built in 1835, and is one of the more substantial of Woodstock’s Revere bells, weighing in at 1,021 lbs. Still in use.

Address: 7 Church St, Woodstock, VT 05091

Paul Revere Bell Walking Tour:

Total Distance: .8 miles

Walk Time: Approximately 17 minutes

Drive Time: Approximately 1 minute

Map of Walkable Revere Bell Locations
  1. Begin at 30 Pleasant St, Woodstock, VT 05091 for the 1828 Bell at the Masonic Temple, a stately brick building across the street from Mac’s Woodstock Market.
  2. Walk west along Pleasant St (RTE 4) and go straight at the intersection to join Pleasant St. and follow to the end (.3 miles). The First Congregational Church will be straight ahead.
  3. Go south on Elm St for .1 miles to enter the village. Turn right onto RTE 4 and walk the south side of the Green for .1 miles to reach the Woodstock Inn & Resort.
  4. After departing the south lawn of the inn, take South St. (VT-106 S) and turn on School St. (approximately 135 ft). Follow School St for .1 miles, turning onto Prospect St. The St. James Episcopal Church will be directly ahead. The church is also viewable from the green.
  5.  Return to RTE 4 and head west for 364 feet. The Unitarian Universalist Church is on the right.
  6. Hop in your car and take VT-106 south for .5 miles (from the inn’s parking lot). The Woodstock Country Club is on the left and the final bell is displayed near the putting green.