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Middle Bridge in Winter

From The Blog January in Woodstock

Cheers to 2024 Happy New Year!

January in Woodstock, Vermont, offers an escape, blending outdoor adventures with rich cultural experiences and relaxation. Explore the snowy landscapes at Saskadena Six or Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, indulge in arts and history at Pentangle Arts and the Woodstock History Center, or unwind with a book and coffee at local havens. In winter, Woodstock is an idyllic retreat for those who want a blend of adventure, culture, and serene self-care in a picturesque New England town. Be sure to check into the seasonal hours for each partner mentioned below before making your plans!

As the festive lights dim, Woodstock, Vermont, reveals its quieter but equally enchanting side in January. This month brings out a different sort of beauty in the town. One that’s calmer - yet vibrantly alive under the winter sky. January in Woodstock is a time when locals embrace the slower pace of life, enjoying the quiet streets and the beauty of the snowy landscape. Visitors can find solace in this peaceful atmosphere, making it the perfect time to unwind, explore, and immerse in local culture. Whether  contemplating a tranquil retreat or seeking a snowy adventure, Woodstock in January offers a unique blend of peace and excitement, making it an ideal destination for winter enthusiasts and serenity seekers to escape from the city!

A Day Exploring the Outdoors

In Woodstock, the winter landscape welcomes countless outdoor adventures, offering fresh and exhilarating ways to connect with nature. From the snow-laden trails to the crisp, clean air, every outdoor activity here is a way to celebrate the season's beauty. For skiing enthusiasts, Saskadena Six, formerly Suicide Six, provides slopes that cater to all levels, set against the backdrop of stunning Vermont scenery. If you prefer a gentler pace, the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park is ideal for a tranquil snowshoeing experience or a serene winter walk amidst its historic trails. The park, a testament to conservation and natural beauty, offers a perfect setting for those who find peace in the quiet embrace of nature. For families or those seeking a playful day out, Union Arena opens its doors for public ice skating sessions, a delightful activity for all ages.

Billings Sleigh Ride
S6 Skiing

A Day Inside: Arts, History, and Hands-On Activities

Woodstock, with its rich history of arts and culture, presents an indoor haven that’s as vibrant and diverse as its outdoor offerings. The town is a hub of creativity and history, where every corner tells a story waiting to be discovered. For art lovers and theater-goers, Pentangle Arts at the Woodstock Town Hall Theatre stages an array of performances that capture the heart and soul of local and visiting artists. Alternatively, Artistree Community Arts Center is a trove of artistic exploration, offering workshops and exhibitions that spark creativity and imagination. Stepping into history, the Woodstock History Center, located in the elegantly preserved Dana House, offers insightful glimpses into the town's rich past, providing a deeper understanding of this quaint Vermont community. For those seeking a more hands-on experience, keep your eyes open for pottery wheel experiences at Farmhouse Pottery. At the same time, Simon Pearce in nearby Quechee lets you witness the mesmerizing art of glassblowing. This unique and enriching experience showcases the skill and tradition of local artisans.

Snowy Street
Artistree Workshop
Nordic Skiing

A Day of Relaxation and Self-Care

Winter in Woodstock also offers the quieter joys of relaxation and self-care, essential for rejuvenating the mind and body during the colder months. In this idyllic Vermont town, taking a moment to unwind is not just an activity; it's a part of the local lifestyle, embraced and celebrated in various forms. Curl up with a good book at the Yankee Bookshop, a literary haven offering a wide range of titles, or lose yourself in the extensive collection at the Norman Williams Public Library, where the tranquil atmosphere is perfect for readers and thinkers alike. For coffee aficionados and those who enjoy a relaxed drink, Mon Vert Cafe is a must-visit for its warm ambiance, excellent brews, and fine cocktails. Other local coffee spots like Abracadabra Coffee offer unique twists on your favorite beverages. If dry January is not in your plans, you’ll have no shortage of cocktails to try around town at places like The Red Rooster or The Prince and the Pauper. However, if complete relaxation is what you're looking for, the spa at the Woodstock Inn provides a serene escape with its luxurious treatments set in a calming environment. This combination of peaceful activities is the quintessence of Woodstock’s approach to self-care, ensuring that visitors leave feeling refreshed and renewed.


Yankee Bookshop
Mon Vert